Hi 👋

my name is Fero

and I am

who lives and works in Bratislava 🇸🇰 🇪🇺

As a Head of Server Products at Websupport with my team we create managed cloud products and services for companies that help them meet their goals. Previously, as a certified senior DevOps administrator, I helped medium and large clients with the design and operation of an individual solution: infrastructure, virtualization, optimization, high availability, scaling and security. I have always had a big overlay in business, products, marketing, UX, sales and CX.

I have been writing a blog alian.info (alian is nickname) since 2003, where content balances between technological and personal topics and comments. In 2011, he was nominated for Google Journalist Award, in 2015 and 2017 he was a finalist Blogger of the year in category IT and innovation. In 2017, I started creating video content for vlog.

I founded Start Applications and cloudsulting. Community projects such as MongoDB.sk, weblogy.sk a weekly.sk. I founded a non-profit organization with my friends Patapuf. I'm the editor-in-chief in KUULTUR MAG.

I often and regularly speak at events and conferences. I produce and moderate discussions with experts Tech Talks and with inspirational people #dobremyslienky. I regularly train and mentor.

I created the first video course for Kubernetes and cloud native in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

I like Photography art and design, long walks, MTB, books, travel, minimalism, good food and music from vinyl.

I am currently fully dedicated to Websupport, but I have space for consultations, lectures and trainings.
Do you want to cooperate with me? Feel free write on .